Library Registration & Services


For first-time applicants, renewals, and card replacements: 

-Justice, Sterling Estates and Willow Springs* residents only

(*Willow Springs residents must pay a yearly fee of $66.92 for each household)

-Must provide TWO proofs of residency and a photo I.D. – if the photo I.D. has the correct address, that counts as one proof of residency.  Other proofs of residency accepted include current utility or credit card bills, rental agreements, mortgage statements, car registration, voter’s registration, and insurance cards (if the address is on them).  If you are unsure your proof of residency will be accepted, call the library before coming in to apply.

-Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to apply for a new card, replace a lost or damaged card or to renew a card.  Parents must provide TWO proofs of residency, as listed above.

-If you are renewing your card, you must bring your current Justice Public Library card, even if it is expired.  If you do not have your card, you must pay a fee for a replacement card (see FINES / FEES below).

-All fines, fees, or charges for lost material from any library must be paid before a library card will be issued, renewed or replaced.  


$2.00 – Feature Film / TV Series DVD Rental (3 day loan)*

$1.00 – Feature Film / TV Series VHS Rental (3 day loan)*

* Selected Children’s DVD’s & VHS Tapes are free (3 day loan) – see staff

15¢ per day per item – Overdue Books, Magazines, Pamphlets, Audio Books (Cassettes & CDs), Music CDs, & Non-Fiction Videos (DVD & VHS)

 $2.00 per day per item – Overdue Videos (DVD’s & VHS tapes – Feature Film, TV Series & Children’s free rental items)

 $1.00 – Lost / Damaged Barcode from library material

$5.00  Lost / Damaged Case for DVD’s & VHS tapes

Lost / Damaged Library Material - Item cost + $5.00 processing fee

 $5.00 – Lost Library Card (1st through 5th card)

$10.00 – Lost Library Card (6th card and on)


Internet / Computer Access – Justice Library cardholders*: 1 session per day, maximum of 2 hours – signed consent form required for Internet

Internet / Computer Access – Non-Justice Library cardholders* or out-of-state residents: 1 session per day, maximum of ½ hour – adults only (must be 18 or over)


Computer use is limited to patrons who have library cards in good standing – Not expired & no fines or overdue material outstanding

Computer print-outs – 10¢ per page for B&W, 40¢ per page for Color for the 1st 25 copies (50¢ per page for each copy over 25))

Free Wi-Fi for laptop users with Print capability (print costs as above)!

Online Card Catalog

Copier  10¢ per page (B&W only – no color)

Notary Service – 50¢ per signature (limited hours – please call for schedule)

Fax – Outgoing: $1.00 per page, Incoming: 25¢ per page U.S.A. only – No international faxes)