Easy Non-Fiction

Seeds of Freedom: the Peaceful Integration of Huntsville, Alabama - Hester Bass

A Penguin Named Patience: a Hurricane Katrina Rescue Story - Suzanne Lewis

Itty Bitty Hummingbirds - Peter Griff

Itty Bitty Guppies - Alex Lumpy

Keeping Fit From A to Z = Mantente en Forma de la A a la Z - Stephanie Maze

The Mayflower - Mark Greenwood

Winter Bees & Other Poems of the Cold - Joyce Sidman and Rick Allen

The Search for Catbug - Joel Enos

The Last King of Angkor Wat - Graeme Base

Intuition: the Sixth Sense - Clara Reade

Smell - Clara Reade

Taste - Connor Dayton

Hearing - Connor Dayton

Sight - Connor Dayton

Touch - Connor Dayton