Billion Dollar Painter: The Triumph and Tragedy of
Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light - G. Eric Kuskey with Bettina Gilois

The Taste of Home Cookbook

The Narcissist Next Door: Understanding the Monster in Your Family, in Your
Office, in Your Bed — in Your World - Jeffrey Kluger

The Village Effect: How Face-to-Face Contact Can Make
Us Healthier, Happier, and Smarter -
Susan Pinker

Doctored: the Disillusionment of an American Physician - Sandeep Jauhar

What Color is Your Parachute?: 2015 - Richard N. Bolles

Help Your Kids With Computer Coding : A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide, from Binary Code to Building Games - Carol Vorderman, Jon Woodcock, Sean McManus, Craig Steele, Claire Quigley, Daniel McCafferty.

Windows 8.1 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts in Easy Steps - Stuart Yarnold

The Church of Mercy : A Vision for the Church - by Pope Francis.

Long Mile Home : Boston Under Attack, the City’s Courageous Recovery, and the Epic Hunt for Justice - Scott Helman and Jenna Russell

The Oldest Living Things in the World - Rachel Sussman; with essays by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Carl Zimmer

It’s a Wild Life: How My Life Became a Zoo - Bud DeYoung

Go Wild : Free Your Body and Mind From the Afflictions of Civilization - John J. Ratey, MD and Richard Manning

The Secrets of Lost Cats : One Woman, Twenty Posters, and A New Understanding of Love - Dr. Nancy Davidson.

Mississippi Current Cookbook : A Culinary Journey Down America’s Greatest River - Regina Trosclair Charboneau

Guy on Fire : 130 Recipes for Adventures in Outdoor Cooking - Guy Fieri with Ann Volkwein.

The Pot and the Palette Cookbook: More Than 100 Recipes from Louisiana’s Greatest Restaurants with Artwork by Louisiana’s Most Talented Student Artists - Emeril Lagasse

The Bigs : the Secrets Nobody Tells Students and Young Professionals About How to Find a Great Job, Do a Great Job, Be a Leader, Start a Business, Stay Out of Trouble, and Live a Happy Life - Ben Carpenter

Own Your Future : How to Think Like an Entrepreneur and Thrive in an Unpredictable Economy - Paul B. Brown ; with Charles F. Kiefer and Leonard A. Schlesinger.

Perfecting Paleo: Personalize Your Diet Rules: Ancient Wisdom Meets Self-Testing - Ashley Tudor

Catching the Catfishers: Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life - Tyler Cohen Wood

The Coconut Oil Miracle - Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D.

The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener : How to Grow Food in Harmony With Nature - by Tammi Hartung.

Hellstrip Gardening: Create a Paradise Between the Sidewalk and the Curb - Evelyn J. Hadden

Silk Road Vegetarian: Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free Recipes for the Mindful Cook - Dahlia Abraham-Klein

Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties - Kevin Gascoyne, Francois Marchand, Jasmin Desharnais and Hugo Americi

A Perfect Pint’s Beer Guide to the Heartland - Michael Agnew.

The Sunflowers are Mine : the Story of Van Gogh’s Masterpiece – Martin Bailey.

AIA Guide to Chicago - Alice Sinkevitch and Laurie McGovern Petersen

Hawthorne Works - Dennis Schlagheck and Catherine Lantz.

Paleo Grilling: a Modern Caveman’s Guide To Cooking With Fire - Tony Federico