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Reading by Design!
The Summer Reading Program has Started!
Come In, Sign up, and Start Reading!

The Summer Reading Program: Reading by Design has begun and will run until July 22nd.
Come in, sign up, and start reading to earn weekly prizes and raffle tickets (reading non-fiction will get you 2 tickets per week)! The tickets will be drawn for prizes at our Grand Finale Pizza Party at Haunted Trails on July 31st!

You can read books, comic books, eBooks, or magazines, or even listen to audio books!
The books you read must be from the Justice Public Library (or from Media-On-Demand
or eRead-Illinois if you are reading eBooks) for them to count.
Reading the number of books matching your grade will get you the prizes and tickets:

PreKindergarten  – K:                                                        3 Easy Books
——1st – 2nd Grades:                                                        5 Easy Books
——-3rd – 5th Grades:                                                        1 Junior Book
——-6th – 8th Grades:                                                        1 Junior Book or 1 Young Adult Book

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OnePlay Web Button - JPL created

Justice Public Library brings you… Digital Games!

ONEPLAY for Libraries Is Here!

OnePlay for Libraries is now available for our patrons.  Download and play full versions of a huge variety of games at no cost to you (because we paid it for you!)  There are currently over 1,500 games for PC and 500+ for Android devices, with more being added every day.

You’ll need an Internet connection to install the app, download games, and activate the games.  Once a game is activated, you can play it offline.

To create your account:

  • You must have a library card from the Justice Public Library to use this service – have it with you when you register.
  • Go to https://www.rbdigital.com/justiceil/service
  • Click Create New Account and follow the instructions.
  • Once you have created your account, log in and click the OnePlay button.
  • You’ll see a pop-up asking you to install the OnePlay app.
    • If you click the button for the PC app, the download will begin.  Just follow the instructions to install the app.
    • If you click the Android app, you’ll be taken to the general OnePlay site and you download the app there.  Again, just follow the instructions.  **Note: Do NOT enter any credit card info.  This is free for patrons!  You just need to go to this site to get the app.**
  • Once the app is installed (on PC, Android device, or both), open the app.
  • Browse/search for games and download those you want.  (Just use the app from this point on.  No need to return to the above link.)
  • The first time you open a game, you’ll need to type in the e-mail and password you used to create your account.  Once each game is activated, you can play it offline.

The best news…  You can keep the games!  No need to return them – ever!

(For more detailed instructions – Click here and go to the bottom of page)




Don’t forget we have Museum Adventure Passes at Justice Public Library!

 Passes are available for Brookfield Zoo, The Chicago Botanic Garden, The Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn, Naper Settlement, LEGOland Discovery Center, and other suburban museums and institutions.  Check out Museum Adventure Pass for the complete list and terms and conditions for each museum or institution.  Call or visit the library for complete details!

(Passes are only available for adult Justice Public Library card holders in good standing.)


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PreKindergarten – K

3 Easy Books

1st – 2nd Grade

5 Easy Books

3rd – 5th Grade

1 Junior Book

6th – 8th Grade

1 Junior or Young Adult Book